Admin & Human Resources Department

Administration and Human Resources Department

The Administration and Human Resources Development Department is mandated to obtain for the Agency suitably qualified workforce to achieve its mandate. The Department which is headed by a Director consists of the following Divisions: Administration, Personnel, and Training & Manpower.

Based on the approval of the Governing Board of the Agency the Department recruits personnel, as the need may arise. The personnel are recruited on merit and based federal character spread. The personnel are to be suitably qualified, resourceful, efficient and effective and be committed to offer world class service in a timely and accurate manner using resource responsibly.

Capacity Building

The Department coordinates Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of personnel to enhance career development and progression and quality workforce for the benefit of the Agency’s operations. The Department shall organize in house trainings at the Agency HQ/Zonal/State field offices such as workshops, IT seminars etc. to support the building and strengthening of the Agency’s human resources base for the implementation of road maintenance and other related activities, the Department shall:

  1. Identify and select appropriate training programs;
  2. Prepare specific training programs;
  3. Develop appropriate training course modules;
  4. Frequently review and evaluation of training programs.

Motivation and incentives

The Department coordinates the mechanism/modality for staff motivation and incentive for rewarding excellence, loyalty and hard work.

Administration Division

  1. Registry & Records
  2. Securities
  •  In charge of Security matters

Personnel Diviion

a)Appointment, Promotion & Discipline

  1. Identifying vacant position and recommends filling of such positions to the management;
  2. Documenting newly appointed officers and those on secondment or transfer to the Agency;
  3. Processing posting of officers;
  4. Compiling staff nominal roll;
  5. Preparing of annual performance appraisals for staff;
  6. Preparing of promotion briefs for eligible officers;
  7. Conducting of promotion exercise for both junior and senior officers;
  8. Processing conversion/upgrading and advancements of staff;
  9. Investigating disciplinary matter and recommending appropriate actions for the consideration and approval of the MD and the relevant staff committee;
  10. Issuing queries to junior staff committee (JSC)/senior staff committee (SSC) to erring officers;
  11. Organizing of both junior/senior staff committee meetings;
  12. Implementing the decision of both junior/senior staff committees

b)Staff Welfare

  1. The Division handles staff’s social activities and bereavement;
  2. Organizes sporting activities;
  3. Handles safety and health matters;
  4. Liaises with relevant organized Labour Union(s);
  5. Handles staff Home Ownership Scheme;
  6. Promotes cordial relationship among staff members;
  7. Administers salary and any other remuneration of staff;
  8. Administers of Pension Funds;
  9. Disseminates information relating to pension contribution of staff;
  10. Collates and submits PINs and names of Pension Funds Administrators (PFA) of each staff to Finance and Account Department;
  11. Remits deductions from staff salaries to relevant Pension Funds Custodians (PAC);
  12. Organizes enlightenment programmes/seminars to staff on Pension Fund Administration (PFA), Pension Assets Custodians (PAC) and National Pension Commission (NPC);
  13. Staff Group life insurance, NHIS, Pension insurance