In line with the Agency’s vision of becoming the most efficient road maintenance management organization that will enhance the economic well being of Nigerians and promote their interests locally and internationally, the Agency has activities conducted along the lines of its departments thus:

  1. West Operations Department
  2. East Operations Department
  3. Road Maintenance Management Services Department
  4. Planning & Engineering Services Department
  5. Admin & Human Resource Development Department
  6. Board Secretariat/Legal Services Department
  7. Finance & Accounts Department


The following units are directly under the office of the Managing Director:

  1. Protocol/Public Relations unit
  2. Procurement & Supplies unit
  3. Monitoring & Special Duties unit
  4. Internal Audit unit
  5. Stock verification unit
  6. Direct labour unit
  7. Servicom & Anti-Corruption unit
  8. Preventive maintenance
  9. Surveillance unit