Direct Labour Unit


Direct labour work is the task undertaken with the Agency’s own work force. This occurs when a road repair or maintenance project is executed by the agency’s field office using its own labour, material, and equipment. The essence of carrying out direct labour maintenance operations on our roads is to rapidly deploy men and materials to effectively curtail or tackle any road emergency that may lead to none or unsafe usage of the road. In addition, paucity of fund may hinder the immediate procurement of road maintenance contracts and as such direct labour activities with limited funds ensure continuous maintenance and repairs of the road.

Preventive Roads Maintenance Operations:
The present administration, has instituted the preventive road maintenance programme, which is the periodic application of relatively inexpensive pavement treatments to an existing roadway system in order to retard further deterioration, prevent massive failures and make the roads safe and motorable all year round. Under the programme, roads in good conditions are kept that way by deploying men and materials to continuously carry out targeted routine maintenance works on them.


Routine Maintenance Works

  1. Repairs of failed sections and patching of potholes on the carriageway
  2. Limited Asphalt overlay of repaired failed sections of the carriageway
  3. Reinstatement of eroded or depressed road shoulders
  4. Construction of concrete lined drains
  5. Construction or re-construction of culverts
  6. Replacements of Manholes covers
  7. Crack sealing of carriageways

Emergency Maintenance Works

  1. Roads collapse and embankment washouts
  2. Bridge approach and culvert failures
  3. Creation of road diversions
  4. Dismantling and erection of bailey bridges

Preventive Maintenance Works

  1. Pothole patchng using the pothole patchers
  2. Crack sealing of carriageways
  3. Vegetation control
  4. Desilting of hydraulic structures and carriageways
  5. Stockpile of road repair materials like aggregates, bitumen etc
  6. Production of cold Asphalt
  7. Purchase of handtools
  8. Wages of maintenance gangs