Finance & Account Department

Finance and Accounts Department

The Finance and accounts Department is headed by a Director who is the Chief Financial Officer of the Agency. He acts as the controller and the Treasure. He has ultimate responsibility for maintaining books of accounts, preparation of financial statements, computation of tax liabilities and its remittance and collection of all revenues due to the Agency. He takes active part in the preparation of budget as well as in budgetary control. He acts as custodian of all financial security documents as well as general Administration of the department.

The Director (Finance and Accounts) will have overall responsibility for the finance and accounts function. He controls the flow of cash of the Agency and maintains the integrity of funds, securities and other valuable documents. He has responsibility for setting up, maintaining and reporting proper accounting of the Agency including taking active part in budgetary and preparation and budgetary control system/The details of the duties of the Head of Finance and Accounts of a self-accounting agency are contained in the Financial Regulations (FR 1605).

The responsibilities of the Department among others are:

  1. Receipt of all funds due to the Agency
  2. Payment of personnel emoluments (salaries & allowances)
  3. Payment for procurement of works, goods and services
  4. Keeping Accounting records for all receipt an payment made by and to, or on behalf of the Agency
  5. Communicating the required Accounting information to the management and the public
  6. Responding to queries and enquires on the Agency’s financial transactions
  7. Control/custody and security of financial instruments, documents and information
  8. Budgetary control
  9. Liaising withal the financial institutions with which the Agency has dealings
  10. Oversees all the revenue generation drive of the agency
  11. Oversees all the financial aspects of all the Agency’s programs
  12. Intermediation and facilitation of financial services to the Agency’s contractors from banks and other financial Organization
  13. The Financial Ambassador of the Agency
  14. Preparation and timely rendition of statutory returns to relevant bodies such as the Accountant General of the Federation (AGF)etc
  15. Liaising with the External Auditors of the Agency
  16. Coordination an d supervision of all accounting functions in the field offices and
  17. Any other duties assigned by the MD.