Internal Audit Unit

Functions The Internal Auditor in charge will be directly responsible to the Accounting Officer for a comprehensive audit of all the operations and activities of the Agency. For this purpose he shall carry out not only financial audits but also management audit of other areas of the Agency’s functions with a view to monitoring their efficiency and effectiveness in order to satisfy himself that: The safeguards introduced for the prevention of the prompt detection of fraud and losses of cash are adequate. Normal safeguards include the observance of Government and Department regulations and instructions and for existence of internal checks. The system for the control of the collection of revenue is adequate and that all money received have been promptly brought to account to the correct head and sub-head. The system for the control of expenditure is adequate and that all payments from the correct head and sub-head made for the purpose for which they were authorized. A system for the control of the issue and consumption of stores is adequate that all issues are properly authorized and correct, that issues they are made to the right person, and are used for the purpose for which they are authorized. There are adequate means for the verification by him of all cash, stores, plant held. The accounting records are accurate. The Internal Auditor prepares monthly and quarterly report to the Accounting Officer on the progress of the Audit and submit copies of these reports to the Accountant-General and Auditor General of the Federation.