Board Secretariat/Legal Services Department

The board Secretariat/Legal Services Department has two divisions namely board secretariat and legal services. The department is headed by Secretary/Legal Adviser. The Department performs the following Functions.

  1. Secretary to the Agency, Board and Committees of Board.
  2. Proffering Legal Advice and opinion to other Departments of the Agency.
  3. Preparation and management of contract agreements for the Agency
  4. Acts as the Secretariat of the Agency’s Board and coordinates its operations and management
  5. Handle litigation matters on behalf of the agency, petitions and complaints
  6. In charge of the preparation of the Agency’s Annual Reports
  7. In charge of the legal aspects in the acquisition of land, properties and other related issues in the Headquarters and Field offices i.e Zonal and state offices
  8. Liaises with the secretary of the senate and house committees on works and national Assembly in general
  9. In charge of insurance for procurement works, goods and services.
  10. Any other duty assigned by the Managing Director and/or the Board