Servicom and Anti Corruption Unit

The Unit which serves as a link between the Agency, the Ministry, the SERVICOM Office at the Presidency and its service customers has primary responsibility to produce, review and monitor performance of the Agency’s charter with a view to facilitating an improvement of the quality of service delivery capacity of the Agency, manage the Agency’s Customer Relations policy including providing opportunities for customer feedback and complaints on services. Functions of Anti Corruption Unit Where reasonable ground exist for suspecting that any person has conspired to commit or has attempted to commit or has committed an offence under this Act or any other law prohibiting corruption to receive and investigate any report of the conspiracy to commit, attempt to commit or the commission of such offence and, in appropriate cases the offenders; To examine the practices, systems and procedures of the Agency and where, in the opinion of the commission, such practices. Systems or procedures aid or facilitate fraud or corruption, to direct and supervise a review; To instruct, advise and assist any officer of the Agency on ways by which fraud or corruption may be eliminated or minimized by such officer; To advise heads of Departmental Units of changes in practices, systems or procedures compatible with the effective discharge of the duties of the Departmental/Units as the Commission thinks fit to reduce the likelihood or incidence of bribery, corruption, and related offences; To educate the Agency staff on and against bribery, corruption and related offences; To enlist and foster public support in combating corruption.