Stock Verification

FUNCTIONS Stock verification unit provides internal checks in the procurement and management of stores from the point of delivery to consumption/disposal as entrenched in chapter 23 – 25 of the financial regulation (F.) and other enabling authorities i.e. National Council of Establishment letters, Circulars e.t.c. These include: A continuous inspection of all Government store (Allocated and Unallocated), Plants Vehicles, Vessels, Equipment, Tools, and Clinics e.t.c. Pre – payment verification of supplies for general use, maintenance, works and services. Ensure that approved supply procedures are compiled with. Comprehensive verification of all stocks and purchases of the Agency as stated in the FR 2020. Responsible for price analysis and taking charges of stock survey of vehicles and equipment. Assist the Board on survey/enquiries on stock matters. Taking and updating inventory records of equipment in Government offices, Quarters, Workshops, Laboratories, and Clinics. Identifies, assembles, values and makes appropriate recommendations as to disposal of unserviceable items to the Accounting Officers and Board of Surveys. Ensures that all stores accounting records are well maintained and updated. Ensures that all stores receipts are properly accounted for, their issue are authorised and used for the purposes of the authority. Ensures that controls are adequate to prevent the loss of Government property by theft, fire hazard e.t.c. To guide officers against abusing, mis-handling, and wastage of Government property either by fraud, deterioration, dormancy or surplus requirement. Co-ordinates the entire stock verification activities both at the Headquarters and field offices. Rendering detailed stock verification reports of all activities/tasks on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis to the Accounting Officer, Honourable Minister, Accountant General and Auditor General of the federation, highlighting the compliance with or violation of rules, cases of discrepancies, unserviceable nature of handling storage, security arrangement in force and makes appropriate recommendations to be implemented.