PPP and Multilateral/Special Duties Department


PPP/M&SD is one of the Departments under the Office of the Managing Director / CEO.  The Department has three core functions or work streams namely:

  • Public Private Partnership
  • Collaboration and Partnership with Multilateral bodies, and
  • Ad hoc duties.

 Subdivisions in each of the work streams are given below.

a) Public Private Partnership

  • Alternative procurement option for works/infrastructure and services, one of its benefits is to relieve pressure on public finance, FGN policy
  • Move away from cost centres to revenue centres
  • Prior to 2012, PPP activities were undertaken but not under a formalized arrangement/structure.

The Department was designed to operate under the direct supervision of the MD/CEO has two branches namely:

  • Project Development (Pipeline project) and
  • Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Compliance (Project Implementation).


The schedule of responsibilities given in the directive includes:

  1. Identifying, prioritizing, selecting and developing framework for public-private partnership.
  2. Assessing the current status and performance of infrastructure in relevant sectors
  3. Assessing the policy, legal and institutional environment for involving the private sector in the provision of infrastructure
  4. Negotiating / re-negotiating of all PPP projects using financial models to ensure viability;
  5. Analyzing all PPP projects with a view to determining the participation of each party in the procurement arrangement
  6. Evaluating projects in the capital budget and suggesting those that can be undertaken through PPP.
  7. Ensuring that all PPP projects are included in the mid-term Expenditure framework for continuity
  8. Undertaking financial and credit risk assessment in all PPP transactions
  9. Assessing, evaluating and managing post –contract activities
  10. Assisting policy makers in developing the required strategies for increased private sector participation in infrastructure service, including contract monitoring and
  11. Any other assignment relevant to the functions of the Department assigned by the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer.


Pipeline Projects:

  1. Performance based road maintenance contracting
  2. Area based management contract
  3. Trailer Parks
  4. Maintain Operate Transfer (MOT) Currently on hold, reached bid evaluation stage
  5. International Vehicle Transit charge (IVTC) Currently on hold, preliminary feasibility studied done


b) Multilateral Duties

The Department interfaces with multilateral bodies including national and international corporate bodies to develop partnership and collaboration programmes that seek to

  • improve the management of road assets
  • build institutional capacity, and
  • internally generate revenue for the Agency.


The programmes are subdivided as follows

  1. International Programme
  2. National programme
  3. Hybrid programme


c) Special Duties

This covers particular assignments undertaken by the Department and subdivided as follows:

  1. In house duties, and
  2. Ad hoc Duties


  1. In house Duties include membership of the following standing Committees
    1. Procurement Planning
    2. Budget
    3. Think tank
    4. Staff Welfare
    5. Management Information System
    6. Geographic Information System


  1. Ad hoc Duties

Presentations at local and international conferences, seminars, and workshops. It also includes institutional capacity building within the Agency in the use of road inventory and condition data gathering equipment, and training on requisite skills for developing PPP transactions.