Communications and Public Relations Unit


The Communications and Public Relations Unit is the advisory organ to the Agency on Media, Communications and Public Relations matters.
a. Traditional Core Responsibilities
Among core functions and responsibilities of the Communication and Public Relations unit are:
• Media monitoring, review and analysis (daily press clippings and monitoring of Electronic Media)
• Liaising with Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) as well as Non-Government bodies while serving as the mechanism for feedback.
• Gathering of information and intelligence from relevant sources to guide Management in its decision making processes.
• Accreditation of Correspondents covering the activities of the Agency
• Liaison with Editorial Groups and Critical Stakeholders to guide Management in its decision making
• Liaison with Zonal Coordinators and FRMEs on Agency’s negative media reports and interview.
• Publicity and awareness creation for the Agency’s Programmes, activities, challenges and aspirations through print, electronic and social media.
• Production and Airing of 13-Weekly Episodes on FERMA Public Enlightenment Television Documentary “EYE ON THE ROAD”
• Production of in-house magazine (FERMA Digest)
• Production of Compendium (FERMA in the Eyes of the Press)
• Receives and process enquiries from the public through the Agency’s Emergency line and Social media handles (08134039857; E-mail:; Website:; WhatsApp: 08181994447; Twitter: @FedRoadsNGR; Facebook:
• Updating the Agency’s records of achievements.
• Publication of advertisement, public notices, advertorials and announcements.
• Scripting and Production of documentaries, jingles and special news highlights and mentions.
• Editorial/content management of the Agency’s website, emergency lines, Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter handle.
• Production and deployment of public relations materials and memorabilia (lapel pins, banners, folders, carrier bags, flags/national symbols etc).
• Moderating of programmes at official events and functions.
• Any other assignment relevant to the functions of the Unit assigned by the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

b. Special Assignments: Include membership of the following standing Committees
• Think Tank Committee
• Stakeholder Engagement Committee
• End of year Committee.

The Unit is headed by Mrs. Maryam M. Sanusi, Deputy Director (Information/PR).